The City of Zwiesel

The Holiday Park Arber is situated marginal to the small town of Zwiesel, which is an officially recognized health resort since 1972 and is pictorially surrounded by the mountains Falkenstein, Rachel and Hennenkobel.

The city itself is part of the famous “Glasstraße” and is known internationally for its high quality glass industry. In addition to that Zwiesel is home to a number of glass manufacturing and finishing firms, shops and companies.

Though many other industries have been added to the town´s source of income over the years, yet wood and glass are still stuck together with Zwiesel and the region, and the city itself feels and embraces this tradition to this day.

Thus you meet glass in every imaginable facet at just about every corner of Zwiesel and the city is regularly, in exchange to the “Zwieseler Kölbl”, hosting the “Zwieseler Glas Tage” to recognize and praise the theme of glass with exhibitions, fairs and contests.

As brilliant climax, the “Glass Night”, which attracts more and more visitors every year, is held in the mid of August and the whole town, true to their very own slogan: “Fein Glas, Gut Holz, sind Zwiesels Stolz”, is celebrating its roots.

In Zwiesel you are able to see famous glassworks, fine art exhibitions and museums, and the urban experience brewery and distillery invite you to visit and provide informative stories out of the history of the industry.

Another sight, which you shouldn´t miss, are the subterranean passages underneath Zwiesel, whose special atmosphere you enjoy the most on frequently held special tours.

The 86- meter high, neo- Gothic parish curch of “St. Nikolaus” , the “Cathedral of the Bavarian Forest” and, the worlds largest glass pyramid, built from the Zwiesel Kristallglas AG, out of 93,665 white wine goblets, are classified to be the symbols of the city.

The city center is about 2 km from the Park and easily reachable by foot, bicycle or the free city bus.

In the evening, various restaurants and bars invite you to linger and provide special “goodies”, such as the “Rotwaldglashütte Dick”, where you can try yourself as glass blower during a hearty snack and cool beer.