The Ferienpark Arber is situated in the heart of the Nature- and National Park of the Bavarian forest.

This woodland, together with the Bohemian Forest, forms the largest, contiguous forest in Europe - a unique piece of Landscape. As the oldest National Park of Germany, the area developed it´s countryside largely undisturbed by human interference for over 40 years now. Cool woods, meadows, mountains, hills and swamps create a unique, fascinating, limitless forest wilderness where summer as winter offer endless opportunities, activities and events throughout the year.

The Großer Arber, the “King of the Bavarian Forest” sits with its 1,456 meters, as the highest mountain in the Bavarian- Bohemian Massif in the National Park and offers mountaineers an impressive view over the surrounding valleys, hills, towns and villages.

Both of the National Park Centers, the house of wilderness in the National Park Center Falkenstein, the Tree Top Walk and the animal enclosures at the National Park Center Lusen, invite you to an exciting visit and offer informative and well worth seeing places of interest.

Discover the local flora and fauna and their seasonal variations in an areal of 243 km2 with an adventurous vacation in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, in the town of Zwiesel, in the Ferienpark Arber.